Installing MobilePartners (FirefoxOS Scaling Website (FXOSS))


Below you will find basic setup and deployment instructions for the FXOSS project. To begin you should have the following applications installed on your local development system:

- Python >= 2.6 (2.7 recommended)
- `pip >= 1.1 <>`_
- `virtualenv >= 1.7 <>`_
- `virtualenvwrapper >= 3.0 <>`_
- PostgreSQL >= 9.1.11
- git >= 1.7

Getting Started

To setup your local environment you should create a virtualenv and install the necessary requirements:

mkvirtualenv fxoss -r $PWD/requirements/dev.txt

Then create a local settings file and set your DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE to use it:

cp $PWD/project/settings/ $PWD/project/settings/

Create the PostgreSQL database and run the initial syncdb/migrate:

createdb fxoss
python syncdb
python migrate

You should now be able to run the development server:

python runserver




Load the default fixtures for the site. Currently, the only fixtures that exist define a Content Authors Group. To run:

python loaddata fixture_groups.json